iPhone tales


So I wake up one day, and my iPhone 3G is stuck on my pretty custom boot logo, I reboot it, and it’s dead.

after finaly restoring, it wouldn’t read its own IMEI, again, dead.

I tryed all sorts of things and finaly faced the fact that the baseband is fucked up 😦

If this was a 2G iPhone, I’d just overwrite the baseband with a new one, but until the good old dev-team manage to crack the bootloader and release a soft-unlock for the 3G, I’m lost. (Don’t get me wrong, the dev-team are doing an excelent work, and are actualy showing great progress)

So this last friday, iPhoneOS 2.2 came out, which included a baseband update (yey!), and that restored my baseband (updated actualy) and my iPhone is back to life.

Some resolutions from this new 2.2:

  • apparently it blocks the usage of sim adapters, which means for now, the iPhone 3G is not actualy a phone (in israel atleast)
  • in addition, every time you connect it to iTunes, it tries to activate itself again, meaning if you’re not using an AT&T sim you can’t really do anything with iTunes and the iPhone
  • new features allows you to go back to the first page in the springboard, which is really nice if you have lots of pages. but on the other hand, why not use QuickGold and Categories and manage all your apps ?
  • streetview (useless in Israel), better HTML, less call drops, and safari is ALOT more stable (runs ikariam smoothly :))

I’ve been trying to help out some members of the dev-team, coming up with problems and solutions for the 2.2 pwn, also the Israeli HebDev have some promising ideas, stay tuned !

oh yea, I also found a really cool app for the iPhone, it combines failblog.org, icanhascheezburger.com and all of the related sites in to one great app that feeds you the latests from each site, also lets you save pics straight to the iPhone, so you can use as wallpapers or show your friends


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