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Setting Up a Logitech Mouse for Firefox

December 18, 2008

I’ve recently purchased a Logitech G7 mouse, and I’ve been trying to configure it for easy Firefox browsing. After some tweaking, I came up with a decent setup, and since I’ve failed to find a useful guide online, I figured I’d write one.

Basically, what we we’ll be doing here is configure the scroll wheel’s side-moving ability to switch tabs, and the DPI buttons to open/close tabs.

First, load up SetPoint, the Logitech mouse and keyboard software suite. Simply double click the system tray icon, or load it up through the start menu (Start->Programs->Logitech->Mouse and Keyboard->Mouse and Keyboard Settings.)

Now, once inside the Set Point mouse button settings tab (first one up), hit the [Manage Programs…] button.


We need to add Firefox to our programs list, so hit the [Add…] button, and locate the Firefox executable on your system (default install directory is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe.)



Since there’s no default keyboard shortcut in firefox for moving one tab right or left, you’ll need to download this plugin (don’t worry, it’s not in Chinese) and configure custom keyboard shortcuts. I personally use Ctrl+Alt+[ and Ctrl+Alt+], but you can set whatever shortcut you want (just make sure not to collide with an existing Firefox/Windows shorcut.)


Back to SetPoint. Make sure Firefox is the selected program, and change the key configuration for numbers 5 through 8 (Left scroll, right scroll, DPI+, DPI- accordingly.) Choose the Keystroke Assingment option, and set these values

  • Left scroll (5) –   Ctrl + Alt + [ (or whatever shortcut you’ve set in the Firefox plugin)
  • Right scroll (6) –   Ctrl + Alt + ] (or whatever shortcut you’ve set in the Firefox plugin)
  • DPI+ (7) –   Ctrl + T
  • DPI- (8) –   Ctrl + W





And we’re done! I’m using Firefox 3 and a G7, but this trick will probably work with other Logitech mice that utilize the SetPoint software, and I’m pretty sure there’s similar keyboard shortcut plugins for Firefox 2. Hope you found this guide useful. If you have any suggestions for similar Logitech mice programming, make sure to leave a comment.

Addendum: Another neat little trick is assigning the scroll wheel sideways movement as the Left and Right keyboard buttons for Picasa Image Viewer.